The challenging in seismic exploration is how to separate pore fluid from lithological effect for better hydrocarbon prospecting. Many seismic attribute have been proposed such as fluid factor, orthogonal Lame Constant, Poisson ratio and AVO rotation and others. All of them are more based on elastic properties. This paper discuss the feasibility of other rock properties (Qp/Qs ) which is more based on attenuation mechanism of seismic wave for hydrocarbon prediction. The result showing that based on well logs study, the Qp/Qs on Malay Basin Filed has potential to be used as hydrocarbon indicator. This parameter curve is well agreement with water saturation curve. The contrast between gas sand and shale is highest than lamda over mu and Poisson ratio parameter for all condition; high and low acoustic impedance contrast. Unlike in lamda over mu and Poisson ratio curve, there is no trend on Qp/Qs curves as well as in water saturation curve. Hence we conclude that the ability of Qp/Qs parameter in determining the hydrocarbon is better than lamda over mu and Poisson ratio.


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