In the wake of the recent hydrocarbon discovery in deepwater Kamunsu turbidite channel play, stratigraphic prospects are currently being pursued as part of the exploration strategy in NW Sabah, Malaysia. Stratigraphic prospects are considered high risk-high reward and require further evaluation in de-risking its petroleum system elements prior to drilling. In this paper, results from seismic inversion and structurally constrained CSEM inversion are integrated within a rock physics framework, to develop a geological model of the syn-kinematic deepwater turbidite channels that were deposited within present-day synclinal areas. This is achieved by calibrating the responses seen in the recent discovery and extrapolating the interpretation in to the synclinal structures. In this area the available 3D seismic and CSEM data with good well control presents a unique opportunity to study and analyse these rock properties and the distribution of fluid bearing reservoirs.


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