Miliammina fusca is agglutinated type of benthic foraminifera of which generally associated with brackish condition. In the Malay Basin the value of M. fusca occurrence becomes increasingly appreciated as it could be used as indicator of marine incursion into the basin. This observation is particularly prominent in the Lower Oligocene section (upper Group L and Group K) where the basin was not fully connected to open sea. Understanding marine incursion, its extent into the basin and associated depositional facies have important influence on the Malay Basin sedimentation, and hence directly impacts exploration efforts in the basin. Further study on the distribution of M. fusca has been carried out in modern depositional settings to determine dominant depositional facies associated with Miliammina occurrences. The study was conducted in three different modern depositional settings namely Klang Delta, Pahang Delta and Sedili Besar River of which each represents tide dominated, fluvial dominated and wave dominated depositional settings, respectively. Observations from the study suggest that the distributions of M. fusca are highly related to salinity and sedimentary facies.


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