Detailed facies analysis and stratigaphic study was conducted on a productive interval in the Miocene H Group, offshore Malay Basin. Heterolithic deposits form up to 43 m thick successions which sharply overlie thick offshore mudstone. These are mainly composed of coarsening upward, heterolithic tidal bar deposits and fining upward heterolithic subtidal flat deposits. The heterolithic successions are interpreted as incised valley fills. Three valley incisions are identified in close proximity to each other. Detailed stratigraphic analysis of one of the valleys indicates the presence of a lowstand or early transgressive, prograding tide-dominated delta succession, a thin transgressive embayment succession, which is then overlain by a highstand, prograding tide-dominated delta. Succesive valleys cross-cut into each other and also migrate further eastward with time. The heterolith-filled valley incisions may represent incised distributary channels of a large delta system. Combination of initial relative sea level fall fluvial incision and progradational and transgressive tidal ravinement may have produced the deep incisions filled by tidal deposits.


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