The Balingian Province is one of the most prolific petroleum system in Sarawak that has been actively explored since the early 1920's. This province is bounded by West Balingian Line to the west, Central Luconia to the north and Anau-Nyalau fault & Tatau horst-block to the south. The producing intervals in the area is at Cycle I & Cycle II at Western Balingian and Cycle II & Cycle III at Eastern Balingian. To date, more than hundreds of exploration & appraisal wells were drilled in the area. The purpose for this study is to review the remaining potential of Cycle II reservoirs in the western Balingian which has yet to be explored or developed especially on the flank of current fields where the Cycle II has been discovered on the crest of the structure. The study is focused on the area surrounding the Bayan field toward eastern area including the Merapuh structural trend (Serendah-Belum-Merapuh fields). The crest of the structures where the majority of hydrocarbon may have been discovered today are probably not the optimal locations for the best Cycle II stratigraphic targets. This poster propose on-flank stratigraphic exploration potential nearby major structural trends.


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