A selection of biomarkers were used to establish the maturity of the organic matter and to help in the interpretation of the depositional environment of the Lower Cretaceous Abu Gabra extracts. The biomarker distributions are characterized by dominant low to medium molecular weight compounds, moderately high Pr/Ph ratio (1.02-2.29), high abundance of C27 regular sterane and presence of tricyclic terpanes, indicating a high degree of marine derived organic matter deposited under suboxic conditions. A small amount of terrigenous organic matter is, however, present as indicated by the presence of waxy alkanes (n-C25 to n-C34) thus gave moderate CPI values > 1.10. On the basis of biomarker maturity parameters, such as (22S/22S+22R) C32 homohopane values of 0.54 to 0.63 which suggest these samples are thermally mature and have entered early mature to peak oil window generation range.


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