A global trend towards increasingly-stringent environmental regulations of sulfur dioxide emissions to improve air quality is faced. China has been adopting progressive policies for improvement of air quality. Recent industry trends focused on producing cleaner air and fuels around the globe, especially in China, have generated significant demand for additional hydro-desulfurization and sulfur recovery capacities in both new and existing refineries and gas plants. Oxygen enrichment technology frequently offers the most economical route to achieve the desired increase in sulfur processing capacity with high recovery efficiency. This commercially proven technology has excellent operating safety records as witnessed by the safe operation of over 300 SRU/TGTU plants in USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and a newly installed facility in Panjin, China. This paper provides a technical background of oxygen enrichment technology, and discusses the various economic, logistical, process and operational advantages that can be realized through its implementation.


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