In October 2011, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Limited (CTEP) reached an important milestone with the commissioning and start up the Platong Gas II Central Process Platform (CPP). The CPP is able to deliver up to 420 MMSCFD of natural gas and 22,000 BPD of condensate with full water injection facilities. This represents a 20% increase in total gas production from CTEP operated assets, as well as a 10 % increase in the overall gas production for the Kingdom of Thailand. Importantly, this was achieved without compromising large base business operations which deliver up to 1600 MMSCFD of natural gas to Thailand. The $3.1 billion project was successfully delivered by the project team after overcoming many challenges which could have adversely impacted both cost and schedule. Significant challenges included: the hi-jacking of structural steel, high casing wear in wells during drilling and development, and a pipeline integrity event. In the face of these challenges, the project went from Final Investment Decision (FID) in March 2008 to full production in October 2011 with “best in class” on safety, project execution and reserve discovery performance. With the largest float over topside ever installed by Chevron (19,200 tons) and the initial 4 remote production platforms with 92 drilled wells, the project team achieved a flawless, world class start up to full production within two weeks. Each of the challenges faced by this project was overcome by delivering high performance through people and processes aligned with the Chevron Way. The execution plan focused on putting the right mix of experienced people together so subject matter experts (both internal and external) from engineering and base business operations could effectively combine and successfully deliver the project. The value placed around collaboration with the asset team and offshore operations team ensured a seamless transition to operations. Standard processes employed included the disciplined application of reservoir management best practices, leading drilling technology, well head platforms and pipelines fabrication and installation, and Chevron’s MCP project management tool kit. Together, people and processes led to a safe and world class project and positioned Platong Gas II as a model of Chevron Project execution via an integrated multifunctional team.


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