This paper offers methodology, guidelines and tools to assist Oil/ Gas plants and other industrial facilities to develop organize and improve local safety programs (SMS) that comply with corporate elements of safety management as in the 11 elements of the “Saudi Aramco Safety Management System”. The development is done through a consistent method and format for writing the system elements and its processes. For simplicity, the model is represented by a Skyscraper building “SMS Skyscraper”. All model processes include definition of crucial characteristics which are: Purpose, Applicability, Description, Flowcharts, Responsibilities, Training, Performance Indicators, Supporting Tools, Documentation and References. Once the model is used, it helps achieve and sustain quality in defining HSE processes. The quality of processes drive quality in execution of safety activities. This in turn paves the path for proper identification Hazards and evaluation Risk every addition to improving the accountability culture. The overall objective is to help organizations develop customized “Safety Management Systems” that capture the knowledge and “know-how” in addition to providing tools that foster world class execution. In time, and with the right leadership, this will transform organizational and community safety culture and consequently reduce incidents ON and OFF the Job. The “SMS Skyscraper” model has been used to develop 100 Safety Management Processes for Khursaniyah Gas Plant Safety Management System (KGP SMS) in the period between February 2009 to March 2010 and is now available on Saudi Aramco intranet portal at http://KGP/SMS. The model has helped Khursaniyah Gas Plant achieve level of ownership of our local SMS in addition to placing the department on the leading edge of safety management in Saudi Aramco. It also helped young individuals in the organization substantially grow their knowledge in safety management. The model has been reviewed and acknowledged by a handful of safety professionals. It has also been recognized by the Upstream business line in Saudi Aramco as the “go-by” model for development of safety processes. Many other departments in Saudi Aramco are now moving towards the Skyscraper model for comprehensive development of local SMS processes.


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