Waste oil-based drilling fluids are hazardous wastes containing oil, heavy-metal and organic pollutants. However, the common treatment methods at home and abroad these methods not only waste many useful resources (because the oil is discarded rather than recovered) but also increase the pro-environment cost of oil companies. This paper develops useful recycling and safe disposal technology of waste oil-based drilling fluids from the perspective of utility, efficiency and economy, which not only recycle useful oil but also reuse and dispose of the rest of mud and waste drilling fluids. The rate of recovery is greater than 90%, and the quality of the recycled oil is very good and meets the requirement of -10 # diesel of cars in GB/T 19147-2003. The concentrations of oil, COD (chemical oxygen demand) and heavy metals in liquid of the processed mud are lower than the secondary standard number in GB8978-1996. The treated wastewater meets the requirements of sewage comprehensive emission.


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