The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the successful application of 3D seismic attributes in exploration for Permo-Carboniferous eolian stratigraphic traps in central Saudi Arabia. To explore for these traps, we have integrated regional geological studies and rock property analysis, and tied these to the seismic attribute response. Permo-Carboniferous eolian reservoirs are the primary objective for oil and gas exploration in central Saudi Arabia. Due to the nature of the mixed fluvio-eolian setting, this is a very challenging target, especially for stratigraphic traps. The eolian setting comprises a complex mix of depositional systems including eolian ergs, ephemeral streams, and ephemeral (playa) lakes. Eolian sand dunes and sand sheet deposits are the two main reservoir facies, while lateral facies changes result in the primary up-dip seals.


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