Reservoir Navigation with Boundaries Detecting Technologies, Baker Hughes AziTrak™ azimuthal navigation can achieve maximum standoff to oil/water Contact and minimum standoff to shale roof, increase exposure to reserves and identify future opportunities. CNOOC, one of China’s major operators recently used this services drilled 7 wells with 3570 m lateral section in the Early Miocene Zhujiang sandstone formation while maintaining a challenging distance of 0.8 m from the roof of the formation and safe standoff above bottom/boundary water. "The ability to drill accurately within the zone was impressive, and the ability to also drill it fast was remarkable, with exact wellbore placement, you can extract more value from mature field" said the client’s management representative. In the demonstration effect of this field, more and more fields of CNOOC are taking the Reservoir Navigation with Boundaries Detecting Technologies to facilitate simplified reservoir navigation decisions for increasing efficiency, saving rig time with early oil-water contact-zone detection, driving maximized hydrocarbon recovery through precise wellbore placement. This paper will be focusing on above cases to study. The following figures illustrate some contents of this paper.


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