Increasingly abundant natural gas is under consideration as a replacement for fuel in transportation because of the high oil prices. The number of natural gas vehicles (NGV) in China is over 1 million. The use of compressed natural gas (CNG) is growing in short-haul urban fleets, and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the best alternative for long distance passenger and cargo vehicles which represent most of truck diesel demand. In this paper, we analyze the driving force of NGV to make inroads and the challenges of development, and draw a conclusion that NGV with the supporting industry in China will develop rapidly in the coming years. The great development of China automotive industry leads to the tremendous increase of vehicles in recent years. The automobile emission coming from the increasing consumption of gasoline and diesel has become an important source of air pollution and climate change. Natural gas (NG), a kind of clean energy, which can greatly reduce air pollution and promote the low carbon economy, has drawn more and more attention all over the world. Natural gas vehicle (NGV) with great prospect grows rapidly in China because of the advantages of cleanliness, efficiency, economy and security.


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