In September 2006, Husky Energy discovered the Liwan gas reservoir in its South China Sea Block 29/26. A 6th generation, deep water semi-submersible was contracted and subsequently drilled 26 deep water wells (700 – 1600 m water depth) consisting of 10 exploration, 10 appraisal and 6 development wells, tested 6 wells between November 2008 and November 2011. The exploration program discovered several additional sandstone, gas-bearing reservoirs two of which will also be commercialized. During the 1,011 days of drilling and testing activity, the rig and supporting onshore teams did not incur a lost time accident. The rig team drilled 61,593 m of hole below the mudline and ran the associated strings of casing. Nonproductive time consumed 265 days (26.2%) consisting of 65 days waiting on weather, 147 days of rig repair, and 53 days of other unscheduled events.


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