The venture into various EOR process applications has been aggressively undertaken by industrial oil players to satisfy the ever-increasing world energy demand. Success of an EOR project is also governed by understanding and readiness in handling the associate EOR induced formation damage and flow assurance issues. Hence the considerations of these issues must be given great attention in the EOR project master plan. Each EOR process application is unique and the associate formation damage and flow assurance issues are different. This paper examines the mechanisms, preventions and mitigation options for chemical EOR process induced formation damage and flow assurance issues. Fluid chemistry changes due to fluid-fluid and fluid-rock interactions among the EOR injectants, reservoir fluids and rock matrix, lead to many undesirable injection and production issues. A case study on the R&D experience of one of the major chemical EOR fields in the Malay Basin is presented. Laboratory analyses to understand and predict the severity of these issues are discussed. The major sources of problems are identified and their impacts on the success of the EOR project are discussed. A number of solutions have emerged to address these challenges. Recommended solutions are considered based on practicality, performance and economic viability. Careful coordination during EOR project planning in handling the flow assurance and formation damage challenges and a more proactive approach to address them is our long term strategic focus which will bring significant efficiency and profitability benefits.


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