In Sebei Gasfield, liquid loading in the well bottom has seriously impacted the well productivity. Use of chemical foamers to deliquify the loaded wells has testified to be one of the most effective mothods. However, it is always challenging work to select the most compatible foamer. Besides, not all wells will respond successfully to the foamer treatment. Thus, tedious work has to be done to screen the potential wells. In this paper, a novel efficient foamer has been developed using the Response Surface Method. It provides a new way to formulate foamers for gas well deliquification. It proves both time and labor saving. Using historical well data and from discussion with the operator, an understanding of the candidate wells can be gained. The criteria for selecting a ideal candidate well for foamed lift has been fully investigated. We find the most suitable flow regimes for foamer treatment are slug flow and annular flow. Then, we optimize the usage of foamer with the aid of mathematic model. The foamer injection pattern, such as intermittent injection and continuous injection, has also been discussed. For different well condition, different injection pattern should be applied. This paper also includes several field trial cases.


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