Field X is located in the northern part of Cambay basin, western onshore India. Sand-1 is the main reservoir unit in this field. Primary recovery is low here because Field X is located in the region’s heavy oil belt. To increase the recovery factor, thermal EOR technique - Insitu Combustion, has been implemented in various parts of this heavy oil belt. Insitu combustion reduces oil viscosity but at the same time produces residual gases. These residual gases, called “Flue gas”, accumulate as pockets in the reservoir top. The thermally altered low viscous crude can be produced efficiently through horizontal drainholes by maximizing reservoir contact and sweep radius. Placing a horizontal drainhole in this field is a challenge in itself because the drainhole has to be maintained at a safe distance from the flue gas pockets on top to prevent premature gassing out and also at a safe distance from bottom shale. As a solution to this challenge, “Distance to Boundary” (DTB) technology along with LWD was introduced for the first time in Field X in Well X. “DTB” technology detects the resistivity contrast at a shale-sand interface and maps the shale boundaries while drilling. The well was landed ~10m below reservoir top using LWD measurements to maintain a safe distance from flue gas pockets on top. It was decided to place the drainhole about 3m above reservoir bottom to stay away from bottom shale. The final result was a spectacular success with 311m of drainhole drilled with 100% stay in target reservoir zone. “DTB” technology tracked lower shale from ~3m and trajectory was maneuvered in conjunction with the structural changes to maintain an average distance of 3m from bottom. LWD data was used to verify sweet zone throughout the drilled interval. This paper illustrates an exemplary case study which opens new and exciting possibilities for application of LWD and “-DTB- ” technology in field X for further field development plans.


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