Offshore flowlines transporting hydrocarbons have to be operated very carefully to avoid the formation of gas hydrates as they are considered one of the largest concerns for flow assurance engineers. The oil and gas industry is generally relying on chemical injection for hydrate inhibition; however hydrate blockages can occur in many different places of offshore production system due to unexpected circumstances. Once hydrate blockage formed considerable efforts are required to dissociate the hydrate via depressurization. Because residual hydrate structures known as gas hydrate precursors will be present in the aqueous phase after dissociation, the risk of hydrate re-formation becomes extremely high. Although the KHIs are becoming popular in many fields as hydrate inhibitors are considered not effective to inhibit the hydrate formation in the presence of residual hydrate structures, so that the use of KHIs for shut-in and restart operations is not recommended. In this study, new experimental procedures composed of three stages are designed to simulate the dissociation of hydrate blockages and transportation of well fluids experiencing hydrate formation. The obtained experimental results have shown that gas hydrates are rapidly re-formed when the temperature of dissociated water falls into the hydrate formation region. With an injection of KHIs before transporting the well fluids, the subcooling increased significantly indicating the possible use of KHIs for transporting the well fluids after dissociation of hydrate blockage. Moreover, the inhibition performance of KHIs is also investigated with two different gases to study the effect of gas composition. This study is confirmed that KHIs are possible candidate to prevent the hydrate re-formation in well fluids experiencing hydrate formation if the KHI is carefully evaluated.


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