As the shortage of the energy, more and more gas fields with high H2S/CO2 or high pressure will be developed. China's high sour gas fields are mainly concentrated in the northeastern Sichuan Basin, Daqing Xushen and Jilin. As the representative of high sour gas field Luojiazhai gas field,the H2S content is 9.5% ~11.5%, CO2 7% ~ 8%. In Changling gas field the CO2 content as high as 27%. High pressure and high yield gas field are mainly concentrated in the Tarimu Basin Kela 2 gas field as the representative, single well yield is 105~140MMSCFD, wellhead flowing pressure up to 63.1MPa, corrosion is mainly from Cl- and CO2 the content of Cl- in produced water is up to 100667mg/l. For these gas fields developed still on initial stages in China, there are a series of difficult problems of safe technology for production facilities. Aiming at these problems, the paper introduces CNPC’s safe technology by research. The production facilities key safe technology includes process technology, material selection, setup of safety instrument, safety relief, safe distances.


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