Pilot-CO2 flooding in Jilin Oil Field has been got a first base in recent years in order to ensure CO2 coming from the development of volcanic gas reserves is available for utilizing. The project has come into extended testing stage and will get into a Carbon Industry Chain(CIC) production stage of integral development of volcanic gas reserves and CO2 flooding. CIC will become a huge oil & gas development project, which composing volcanic gas reserves development, CO2 flooding and CO2 sequestration. The Project has its own characteristics of long cycle construction, superior technical difficulty and high investment risk. Therefore, evaluating micro & macro-benefit of CIC becomes a crucial element task for management promoting, successful financing and governmental support. Maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) of CIC has become a core objective and theory of hierarchy analysis has been utilized in order to set up a CIC comprehensive evaluation index system which contains society, economy, environment, resource, science & technology and management. Analytical method of hierarchy has been used for establishing CIC evaluation model proceed to the evaluation of the multi-effect of the CIC based on SAS, MAPLAB etc. The study achieves a prophase comprehensive evaluation of CIC in Jilin Oil Field. The results indicate that the CIC has a certain economic benefit and preferable macro performance. It may promote the development & production of CIC, enhance the utilizing of oil & gas resource and carbon emission reduction especially under high oil price condition.


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