There is no way to obtain zero injuries in any organization without the commitment of the workforce. This article will show how Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) Drilling Division and its contractors obtained employee commitment resulting in world class performance in HSE for the past five years and recorded the lowest Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR), the second lowest Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) in ADCO’s Drilling Division history and the longest time without LTI (Eighteen months without LTI) in 2011. In addition we have recorded zero car related injuries for the past four years and zero spills in 2011. DOIRC (Drilling Operations Incident Review Committee), a monthly meeting with all our contractors was a key factor in improving the safety performance of the drilling community by developing 3600 communication between ADCO main office, ADCO field, Contractor’s management office and their teams in the field. The forum also have shifted from a reactive committee where only incidents are discussed to a proactive forum where best practices are shared and a communication network was established to inform the fields on regular basis. In addition to that, High Profile Tours (rig visits by ADCO Top Management), DOIRC High Profile Tours (rig visits by ADCO and contractors Top Management), onsite workshops and regularly launching campaigns with our drilling contractor National Drilling Company (NDC) were the additional tools used to raise Drilling Division performance to a world class performance. ADCO Drilling Division has clearly established a successful formula for its safety performance to reach and maintain a world class performance for the past four years, reaching 0.52 TRIR in 2011 and 0.09 LTIF in 2008 and 2010;the lowest in ADCO Drilling history through effective communication culture.


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