The Platong field is a mature field situated in the northern section of the Pattani basin which is composed of both oil and gas reservoirs. A major characteristic of this field are small faulted, compartmentalized fluvial reservoirs with depletion drive as the main drive mechanism. With small reservoirs and an absence of aquifer support, recovery from primary oil production is low. Commingling production from multiple reservoirs is required to improve production rate and develop each reservoir at a lower cost. Aggressive infill programs are required to offset sharp production decline unless secondary recovery methods can be utilized to boost production. In 2011, the field marked another major accomplishment in reservoir management (RM.) During the year, the base layer oil decline rate was flattened from the preceding 5 year range of 27% to 42% average annual decline rate per year to less than 15%, Figure 1. This significant improvement in the production performance resulted from proactively implementing strong RM fundamentals through cross-functional teams and delivering on waterflood and gas lift projects.


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