The variation of the seabed may cause the scour around the the foundation of bottom-supported platform in nearshore oilfield, when the platform is fixed on the seabed. For the severe consequences that may cause the slip of platform especially instability of the structure, which need to be paid more attentions in offshore engineering to make it work safely. So it’s important and necessary to investigate the characteristic of scour and take effective measures to prevent it. In this paper, scale models are adopted in experiment to study the scour of bottom-supported platform in currents. It can be observed clearly that the basic characteristic of scour and the evolving tendency of the foundation of the platform through the experiment of two different scales in currents. The area where could be scoured more easily is concluded by analyzing the results. Scour pit pattern and scour depth also can be got through the measurements by ultrasonic topography device. At the same time the maximum scour depth around the foundation of platform can also be inferred based on the scale models theory, which will be helpful for the more sdudy about scour prevention. And it will also have conductive effect for such engineering problem.


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