The deep tight gas reservoir in southern Songliao basin has features of deep burial, dense lithology, poor physical property, high in-situ stress and no natural deliverability. Early development practice certificated that neither horizontal well nor conventional vertical fracturing can achieve promising stable production. This paper presents the successful case history in which the horizontal massive multistage fracturing techniques are developed. This includes optimizing horizontal section, optimizing the horizontal well completion and fracturing design, the slim open-hole packer sliding sleeve multistage fracturing technique and the large scale traversing fracturing technology. Also the deep well fracturing operation safety and surface security technique are discussed in the paper. At present 9 wells 100 stages has been operated, and achieved the target of most 15 stages and maximum1451m3 proppants in a single well. The stable production rate of the fractured horizontal well was 5 times more than the around vertical well. This technology can fracture more stages, shorten operation time, lessen formation damage and reduce friction drag. So it maximizes the reservoir stimulation volume, which provides technical support for large-scale development of the tight gas sandstone reservoir in Changling gas field.


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