A number of the crystalline rocks with Cambrian radiometric ages are reported in the northern Istanbul-Zonguldak Terrane. Other than in the southern terranes, these arc-type granodiorites intrude or are associated with Late Neoproterozoic metagabbros, orthoamphibolites and pyroxenites (Ustaömer and Rogers, 1999). Overall, the Cambrian rocks are interpreted as representatives of a Cadomian intra-oceanic arc, formed within the Iapetus- Tornquist oceanic lithosphere (Göncüo¤lu, 1997; Göncüo¤lu and Kozlu, 1997). In some successions in the Menderes Massif and the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex of the Anatolides, rock units very similar to those in the Tauride-Anatolide platform are reported by Kozlu and Göncüo¤lu (1997). The Cambrian in the Taurides shows in general very similar features across the belt (Figure 1) and will be evaluated in detail in the following chapters.


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