Early Palaeozoic sediments and/or meta-sediments in several crustal blocks in the Pontides tectonic belt of N Turkey, including the ‹stanbul terrane, Central Sakarya, Armutlu Metamorphics and Pulur Metamorphics revealed dominantly N Gondwanan source areas (P.A. Ustaömer et al. 2011, 2012; T. Ustaömer et al. 2012). In contrast, Late Paleozoic sediments in several of these crustal blocks indicate that Variscan magmatic and metamorphic rocks represent significant sources in addition to Pan-African and older crustal sources (N. Okay et al. 2011; our unpublished data). We have carried out a detailed provenance study of Early and Late Palaeozoic sedimentary rocks exposed in several thrust sheets and also within the relative autocthon of the Tauride belt of S Turkey: 1) to define the source ages and 2) to determine if a Variscan terrane was a source for the Late Palaeozoic sediments. In this study we report preliminary data from an Upper Carboniferous quartzite exposed in the Siyah Alada¤ Nappe of E Taurides. The quartzite studied comes from ca. 40 meters below the Girvenella zone and it is intercalated with neritic limestones and shales.


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