The maximum use of domestic resources and export goal of minimizing the import oil of the dependency have been discussed on different platforms and have long been trafficked. The underground resources as oil & gas occupy an important place in our natural resources. Exploration, production and marketing are in the scope of the regulations of the “oil law” which was about the spoken one of the topics and conversations during the past years but; the topics were squeezed between with the law currently in force dated 1954, No. 6326 and the draft oil law dated 2007, No.5574. Turkey’s oil activities; M.T.A. was played as a national company’s role until of the year 1954 and 1954 after this task is undertaken by T.P.A.O., with domestic and foreign private companies in the oil Law No. 6326 any oil-related activity was opened in front of. Naturally, from the international oil/gas agreements the expectation of the parties is to obtain profit. To maximize the resources of the Government with the national values, private oil companies (domestic-foreign) will want to obtain the maximum profit. If the private companies have low vision on profit, or who are seeing their detachment from making investment, they should be far away from investment. In this context; with the changes in the oil law to be made public in the industry thought and needs to be analyzed in conjunction with the reorganization of the national company. This study of the Oil with the law dated 1954, No. 6326 and 2007, No. 6326 Draft Oil Law that in the case of contradictions and restructuring of the TPAO’s are discussed.


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