To date, Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) which is the leader in the integration of Turkey oil fields and all petroleum industry; has adopted , concept of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection determining to the concepts of configuring and operating principles in all work areas in these matters and is continuing its activities in accordance with legal regulations in all petroleum areas. TPAO, which carries out the national and international hydrocarbon exploration and production activities, creates partnerships with foreign oil companies onshore as well as offshore. In these projects in parallel with technical operations, TPAO plans and executes the aspects of health, safety and environmental awareness. Cudi-1 exploratory well operations, which is one of these activities; in the Southeastern Anatolia IX. Oil Field, with the registration number of AR/TPO-CET-NTP/2763, was carried out under the partnership of TPAO, Chevron and NVT Perenco, in which TPC was the operator. The operations in the Cudi-1 wells, which is 25 km north-east of Silopi, Sirnak, were completed between May 2009-May 2010. In Cudi-1 exploration well studies, The Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Department of TPC, collaborated with other relevant technical departments from the beginning of the Project both planning stage and during drilling operation. In line with TPC HSE Department procedures, the preparation and implementation of well-specific emergency plans, waste management plans, the organization of meetings auditing activities and maintenance of clerical (paper) work of HSE, HSE Observation Card Application, Staff ID Card Application, daily HSE reports have been conducted. The barrel type incinerator has been used on a regular basis as a waste disposal system For the first time in land wells; the professional services of “Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Detection and Protection System (Cascade) Service” and “24-hour Emergency Medical Response Service”, which includes an assigned doctor, a medical technician and an ambulance service, were provided by local firms. In this paper, Cudi-1 well experiences which is the best practises of HSE Standards in very high risky area is aimed to sharing


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