The introduction of expandable tubular technology has revolutionized the oil and gas industry which has converted the dream of monodiameter well into reality.It has now spread all over the world. It has played its role in drilling, completion and production. The main products of this technology are: 1: Expandable open hole liner system. 2: Expandable closed hole liner system. 3: Expandable liner hangers. 4: Expandable completion screens. This technology assures its complete allegiance to the following three basic requirements: 1: Conservation of hole size. 2: Isolation of selected zones. 3: Maximization of well life. Monodiameter wells eliminate the telescoping effect, allowing operators to slim down the top of well while increasing the well diameter at TD. A constant inside diameter from top of well to its target depth is achieved by solid expandable tubular products .This technology permits the installation of drilling liners of same size without decrease in internal diameter. The concept behind this fact involves the expansion of tubular by a mechanical expansion device, known as expansion cone or mandrel. This device permanently deforms the tubular up to the desired inter or external diameter by a plastic deformation process known as cold drawing. This paper is primarily based upon review, case study and environmental effects of monodiameter drilling. The cost comparison of conventional drilling with monodiameter drilling has also been discussed in this paper.


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