At this presentation we will introduce basis of electrical power, safety, control, telecommunication and instrumentation systems of an unmanned gas platform. The electrical and control systems are designed according to redundancy, fail safe philosophy and as simple as possible. Except equipments in the control room, all the electrical or electronic equipments are ex-proof or in the ex-proof Junction boxes. The main systems are as follows: Generators: Gas Turbine and Diesel generators, which both of them are exproof. The main advantages are low maintenance, working between %0-100 loads, no problem at following transient currents, etc. Diesel Generator is the redundant one. MCC:) With two ATS, Motor Control Center (MCC) can make selections of the power supplies and all the main power is observed with a power analyzer. MCC is withdrawer type. DC UPS: It is designed for 50 amp nominal. Whenever there is a blackout, it has 3 days DC backup at worst case. It has 12x80 amp charger for fast charging. Control Room is a positive pressured room that is taking it air from unclassified are. It has fully redundant heating, airconditioning and ventilation system. It has special extinguishing, air flow, gas and smoke detections. Nav-Aids is a system to warn with voice and lights surrounding area of the platform according to Solas (Safety of Life at Sea). It consist of 4 lanterns, 1 horn, control systems, batteries, chargers, etc. If there is a blackout, it uses 2 solar rays of panels for supply and charging Auxiliary Equipments: Lighting is consisting of 5 power lines, which consist of both emergency and normal lightning. False loads are for the diesel generator for low power consumption. Heaters are for helping protection from freezing of some equipments and piping. Also, there are various kinds of equipments like intrusion detector, vibration detector, receptacles, etc. Fire detection systems: Fusible pug panel that has 28 fusible plugs around the platform with two lines. As an additive, fire detectors, gas detectors, esd and fire stations, safety transmitters and switches, horns and beacons, etc. Skid base instrumentation systems mainly consist of transmitters, switches, control valves, etc. Wellhead control is with a dedicated wellhead control panel systems which is at side. PLC, telecommunication, onshore control, IO connections. System is with hot redundant PLC, all the Safety Integrity Systems are fail safe IOs.


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