As a general belief, the geothermal systems are regarded as endless natural reservoirs and therefore, they are put into use without the knowledge of the hydrodynamic behavior of the aquifer, an essential knowledge required for an efficient management that will sustain the reservoir. The concept of sustainability has great importance in all energy resources including geothermal energy. From this point of view, the sustainability of geothermal resources related with potection of geothermal springs. In this case the protection areas are of vital importance so as prevent contamination of geothermal reservoir and take measures to prevent possible negative change of pressure and temperature conditions at reservoir. According to data from geology, hydrogeology study and well tests results, the boundary of protection zone of geothermal area should have determined to protect the geothermal reservoir. These boundaries should have shown at geology map and public improvements map. In these boundaries the measures should be taken and put into practice.


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