Black Sea is known as consist of a basin with two part and largely sediment thickness. East and west basins are divided by Andrussov and Archengelsky ridges and study area is located in the western basin. Previous studies in the area point out to gas and gas hydrate accumulations from continental slope to abyssal plain at west, central and east side of Black Sea. For this purpose, multichannel seismic reflection, chirp and multibeam bathymetry data were collected at offshore of Zonguldak – Kozlu region from shelf to abyssal plain of Black Sea in 2010. Preliminary results show gas and gas hydrate accumulations and wide spread BSR reflections. BSR reflections are clearly seen on migration sections with general processing stages after verification of common offset sections of approximately 1600 km high resolution multichannel seismic reflection data. In addition, It is known that Akçakoca-1 well which is near the study area produces gas considerably and study area offers very high potential in terms of energy resources from continental slope to abyssal plain.


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