Ultra-deep water drilling operations are conducted in water depths more than 1000m and they are the most challenging tasks in the oil industry. Such kind of high risk and high cost tasks includes variety of sub-tasks and logistics operations are one of them. In order to provide link between rig site and land, shore base plays key role in terms of supplying every kind of material to the rig according to operational necessities complying with required rigging, lifting and handling procedures. In 2010, November, TPAO started to drill Sürmene-1 well and logistics operations are conducted in Trabzon Shorebase from September 2010 to March 2011. Logistics base established one month prior to the spud of the Sürmene-1 well and nowadays operating with reduced crew for the next operations. During active period of the Trabzon base, all equipment related to rig site send from base via 2 platform supply vessels (PSVs) Siem Danis & Siem Louisa. Dedicated mud plant of 5000bbl total capacity is operated in the base in order to mix drilling fluid and supplying back-up drilling fluid in case of severe losses. Bulk materials that required during operations are provided with bulk units established in the base. On the other hand prior to sending casings to the rig, inspection activities conducted such as non-destructive test, drifting and thread control. One key item used in shore base during Sürmene-1 well was the bucking machine. Bucking machine used in order to make-up and break-down all wellhead running tools, liner running tools, cement heads and all casing accessories in order to gain from rig time. All activities conducted during active period of the Trabzon Shorebase, no lost time incidents (LTI), no accidents happened. Moreover, during drilling of Sürmene-1 well, Logistics-Non Productive Time of the operation rated as 0%. In this work, Shorebase activities conducted fully complying with offshore industry standards during Sürmene-1 well is assessed and key factors of such kind of successful operation is defined.


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