Asphaltite is a form of natural organic material, which is solid, hard, black, black-brownish colored, and of petroleum source (Kavak, 2011). Its fusion temperature is about 200-315°C. It is soluble in Carbon Disulfide. It is also defined as a solid petroleum based mine formed with metamorphism. Liquid and semi liquid component of heavy petroleum solidifies in a suitable environment (as fracture, void etc.) and settles with effects of migration controlled with hydrostatic pressure, gas pressure, capillarity, gravitation and heat. Mobile asphalt passes through various fractures and cracks up to surface. There are various forms of asphaltites in nature and it is mostly observed in Sirnak region in Turkey and settled within fault and fracture cavities. In spite of high sulphure, ash and volatile matter content, asphaltite is utilized as heating fuel and even has been known as “coal”. It is possible to produce a great deal of material from asphaltite and also used in production of paint, varnish, car-tires, electric insulation, battery preservation, expanded natural rubber, floor tiles and waterproof cables.


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