Along Abu Jir fault zone, Hydrocarbons were flowed in association with the spring waters on surface in Hit area. These springs rich in H2S gas which moved upward with spring water, then eventually escapes to the atmosphere. Sometimes peoples ignite gas forming mass of flam on water surface. Hydrochemistry of many spring waters were investigated. These waters characterized by very high concentrations of total dissolved solid (TDS) where SO4= and Cl- as dominant anions. Hydrocarbon accumulations also intruded by hydrostatic pressure within gypsum beds of Fatha Formation (Miocene), and can be clearly seen as piles on surface. These hydrocarbons are generated and trapped at depth and leak in detectable quantities to the surface. The geochemical anomalies are close association with the fault zone which extends of several kilometers toward N-S approximately. Bacterial degradation has been happen within the reducing zone. Water salinity and leaking gas affect the environment and reflect the specific geobotany.


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