Bozova Field is located in Bozova Town in the province of Şırnak in South East Anatolia. Oil production in the Bozova Field, which was discovered in 1995, is made from a horizon called Reservoir Interval. This interval between Alt Germav Formation and Karababa-C Formation is made up of bioclastic limestone with intragranular medium porosity having a thickness ranging between 27-40m. In Bozova Field, 8 wells have been spudded up to date and 5 of these wells have been completed as oil producers. In this study, detailed 3D reservoir model of Bozova Field is formed based on the Reservoir Evaluation Study of Bozova Field which is carried out in 2002 by TPAO Production Group. All the available well and well log data, updated Reservoir Interval surface map, fault models and sedimentological studies were implemented in the model. Petrophysical parameters which are calculated from well logs are upscaled according to flow units and are distributed to the modeling area. These distribution maps are utilized in the oil in place calculation of the field. Constituted model is in usage in ongoing simulation and uncertainty studied related to the Bozova Field.


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