Organic shale reservoirs have become an important source of Natural Gas Production in North America over the last 5 years. With this success Oil & Gas Operating Companies have started to look outside North America to understand if organic shale in other parts of the world could have similar impact on Natural Gas Production. This paper gives an overview of the following: 1) What is Organic Shale? 2) Where do we look for these rocks? 3) What is Reservoir Quality & Completion Quality 4) How to understand Reservoir Quality and what are the key rock attributes that control it. 5) Why do these rocks need to be Stimulated it be productive? 6) How to understand Completion Quality and what are the key rock attributes that control it. 7) Summary of current understanding. The stimulated fracture system is influenced by the extensive horizontal laminations that are pervasive in shale reservoirs. The laminations will strongly influence the hydraulic fracture height because of the difference in rock mechanical This overview is a current view of understand of this evolving source of energy. Organic shale has always been known as a source rock for oil and gas reservoirs; however the ability of this rock to actually be produced is a new challenge. Understanding the basics of these complex rocks is the starting point of this challenge, and this paper introduces a process to make this understanding much clearer.


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