To support Turkey’s energy sustainability, two gas storage facilities, K. Marmara and Değirmenköy, have been constructed and is being operated by TPAO. After many years effort and studies these underground storage fields put on operation 4 years ago. Still, the present daily flow capacities of these fields needs to be increased and new wells have to be added to the system. In the study, the production and injection flow rate contribution of new wells were evaluated. This paper contains flow test results for the wells drilled through Soğucak carbonates, and reserve data for this formation which was achieved with material balance method. The natural gas withdrawal and injection rates of prospect wells were found using reservoir simulation. For this method, dynamic model was created by adding fluid properties and production-pressure data to the geological model. History matching was performed by using daily gas flow rates, well head pressures and also some bottom hole pressures. Then, various storage scenarios were considered with new wells and annual working volumes with daily injection-production rates were calculated for each scenario.


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