Gas demand in the years of our country, consistently shows an increasing trend, hence there is an urgent need for new storage fields. Yulaflı Field is studied as thought to be a part of the Thrace Region Underground Gas Storage Project. This study has been conducted in order to calculate volume of gas in place by 3D geological modelling of Yulaflı Field and to provide a basis to underground gas storage simulation studies with an integrated reservoir characterization study, taking into account the sequence stratigraphy studies previously done, including seismic interpretations, structural properties, well log data, well correlations and production data. In the fields, which have limited number of wells such as Yulaflı, a geological model has not been sufficient to demonstrate the character of the reservoir by using only well data, thus, a secondary data set has to be used. In this study, the interpretated well log data and seismic data have been properly integrated and used in a combination. Thus, a more accurate and detailed 3D geological model was created representing the reservoir characterization of the field.


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