In recent years, gas demand and supply policies have become very important issues for the gas importing countries. Turkey, as one of the natural gas importers, has fields used for underground gas storage projects. Yulaflı Field, one of the possible storage fields in future, has been studied to determine the UGS capacity of field. Yulaflı Field, which is located in SE Thrace Basin, has been producing from sandstone layers of Danismen and Osmancık Formations since 2000. Seven wells have been drilled until now. Currently, the field has a production of 35000 m3/day with 3 active wells. Using previous sequence stratigraphy studies of Yulaflı Field, three dimensional (3D) geological model has been created by Petrel software in order to use in simulation studies. In geological model, well log and seismic data have been used to distribute reservoir parameters throughout the field. In order to develop Underground Gas Storage Project in Yulaflı Field, numerical simulation studies were performed using Petrel and Eclipse software. Production history has been matched with simulation model. As a result, storage capacity of field and injection-production scenarios were studied.


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