Bituminous shales of Beydili Kayası are accumulated in disoxic and anoxic redox conditions, and have an average organic matter (TOC) contents of 6.15 wt. %. Average 0.5 wt. % TOC is considered as an economical limit for rocks producing oil, thus the values of TOC of studied shales show an excellent source rock potential with an average of 6.15 wt. %. In addition to Total Organic Carbon analysis, Pyrolysis (HI, OI, Tmax, S1, S2, S3) analysis, Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis, Thin Layer Chromatography (% Saturate Hydrocarbon, % Aromatic Hydrocarbon, % Polar, % Asphaltene) analysis, Isotope analysis and Organic Petrography analysis (in backlit microscope) were done in samples of Beydili Kayası, and organic matter types, maturities and hydrocarbon potentials of studied samples were determined. Organic matter types of studied samples are generally type I kerogen, and have oil production potential. Maturity of studied samples were determined that they have immature and early mature degree. The S1 type hydrocarbons of the studied samples show that no organic contamination is present in the area.


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