A petroleum trap consists of three major elements: reservoir rock, seal rock and structure (stratigraphic and/or tectonic). In petroleum exploration, determination of these elements in particular reservoir rock and seal rocks has a profound effect on future exploration strategies. Normalized full gradient (NFG) is such a method which can be used to determine reservoir rock and seal rock boundaries on the basis of density differences between the these two trap elements and can give some information on the general picture of structure. Doing that, NFG method utilizes previously organized singular points with the help of Fourier coefficients. In this study, Filon Method was used for the first time in order to calculate Fourier coefficients. This approach allowed us to organize singular points better even at the smallest and lowest harmonic intervals. Furthermore, effectiveness of these singular points was also investigated while applying singular points to gravity values acquired from petroleum bearing basins. Validity of the NPG results was also tested by comparing it with the interpreted seismic lines. Finally, the method will be tested and discussed on the actively explored Hasankale-Horasan region of eastern Turkey.


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