Kabalar Member of Kızılçay formation in the northwestern Göynük is rich in organic matter-rich rocks of marl and shale. Organic matter-rich rocks are enriched by major, trace and rare earth elements. The results of element analysis of organic matter rich rocks in study area showed that rocks are enriched by Ni, Co, Ca, Mn, Cr, Th, Pb, Zr, Sc, Ta, Cs, V, W, As, Sr, Ag, Se, Hf, Cu, Y, Si, Mg, Na, Ti. Some information about redox conditions of depositional environment of organicrich rocks are obtained using redox sensitive element ratios such as V/(V+Ni), V/Cr, Ni/Co, U/Th and V/Sc. These ratios V/(V+Ni) came out to be between 0,44-0,67, indicating suboxic-anoxic conditions; V/Cr ratios are between 0,85-2,15 which indicates oxic conditions; Ni/Co values are between 4,08-11,76, which indicates oxic-suboxic conditions; U/Th values are between 0,46-6,00, indicating suboxic-anoxic conditions; V/Sc values are between 5,53-24,50, indicating oxic-suboxic condition. According to these values, Kürnüç vicinity organic matter-rich rocks are generally deposited in oxic to anoxic redox conditions.


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