Cost of power consumed in drilling operation is quite high and aimed to be minimized. Therefore, it is essential to realize effective optimization of drilling hydraulics. Success of optimization depends on calculating accurate frictional pressure losses (FPL). There is no analytical solution of viscosity profiles, velocity profiles and FPL for eccentric geometry and rotating string. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is one of the methods used for these situations. In this study, a well with known geometry is modeled with CFD. Borehole geometry is generated by using ANSYS ICEM CFD software. Simulation of the well and analysis of the results are carried out by Fluent software that is run on a super computer at National Center for High Performance Computing ITU. Eccentric annulus and rotation of drillstring situations with different flow rates are examined. Results obtained from CFD solutions are successfully verified with those of field measurements. Simulation results indicate that FPL decreases with increasing eccentricity and increases with increasing flow rate. Moreover, it is found that FPL increases with the rotation of drillstring.


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