y is party to Barcelona Convention, Bucharest Convention, MARPOL 73/78, OPRC 1990 CLC 92 and Fund 92 Protocols. In this situation, an important step has been achieved by a new law No. 5312 on response to emergencies and compensation of losses in case of pollution of marine environment from oil and other harmful substances sharpens that came into force in March 2005. The aim of the new law is to determine the principles and procedures to respond to pollution of marine area by accidents of ships or activities in the coastal areas and to limit and prevent this kind of pollution in case of emergency, to determine the liability and compensation after an accident, to fulfill the international obligations and to determine the authorities, duties and obligations of the authorities and other organizations involved. According to this law, one national, 6 regional Emergency Response and Risk assessment Plans are prepared. Turkish Petroleum Co. has 3 coastal facilities which are Kuzey Marmara and Değirmenköy Underground Natural Gas Storage, Marmara Ereğlisi Crude oil Transfer and Çayağzı Natural Gas Production. For these three coastal facilities Emergency Response and Risk Assessment Plans are prepared and approved by Ministry of Environment and Forestry. In addition, for there facility Trier-1 and trier-2 training programme and practices are organized in 2010.


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