The success of geophysical exploration depends on the characteristics and ore genetic processes of the deposit being sought after. These properties include mineralogy, structural setting, hydrothermal alteration, geochemistry and weathering processes. The Ysterkop North Prospect is located in the Western limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, and its mineralization is endogranitic and hosted within anorogenic and altered Nebo Granite of the Lebowa Granite Suite. The ores at Ysterkop North consist of quartz, hematite, and goethite which are locally accompanied by actinolite and fluorite with hematite commonly replacing the precursor actinolite rock or granite (Crocker et al., 2001). Results showed that the Ysterkop North Prospect is very responsive to geophysical techniques owing to the contrasting physical properties existing between the Nebo granite and hydrothermally altered mineralized part.


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