The coastal city of Cotonou in Benin, West Africa relies on the Godomey aquifer for fresh drinking water. Increased pumping of the aquifer to accommodate rapid population growth has led to saltwater intrusion into the aquifer. Previous work shows a groundwater divide between the aquifer and the Atlantic coast suggesting the source of salinity is nearby Lake Nokouѐ, a large shallow lake with high salinity levels during the dry season. We use shallow seismic reflection imaging to characterize the lithology of the Godomey aquifer with the goal of using this information to improve regional water management strategies. Seismic reflection profiles from the Godomey well field show the subsurface lithology to be a complex system of discontinuous and topographically variable strata. Initial results from the first of two field seasons provide critical information about lithology that will improve the current hydrologic model, influence water management strategies, and guide future geophysical studies.


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