The Enguri dam is situated in the Enguri River in the west part of Georgia and is the largest arch<br>dam in the world. The structure is 271,5 m tall, 750 m wide, the dam body has a volume of 4 millions of<br>cubic meters and the volume of the basin is about 1,1 billions of cubic meters, it is linked to a high pressure<br>tunnel with a diameter of 9,5 meters and a length of 14,5 km and is equipped with 5 x 275 MW generators<br>unit, Francis type.<br>The construction started in the late 70’s and the dam entered in temporary operation in the year 1978 and was<br>finished in the year 1987.<br>The dam crosses a valley formed by fractured limestone and interested by an important fault, the area has<br>also a seismic activity.


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