Integrated Crosswell Seismic (ICS) is set of innovative techniques - devised and proposed to characterize the<br>internal structure of a reservoir - that is now evolved from being primarily an exploration tool to a<br>development and production tool.<br>This paper gives a few examples of such an evolution, presenting the results of some ICS applications that<br>Eni has carried out on its operated producing oil fields - located in Italy and oversea – as a part of a<br>continuous R&D effort for improving the reservoir characterization process.<br>The case histories here presented show how this methodology worked in reservoirs of different lithologies<br>and geological frameworks, and prove how its high flexibility and applicability can substantially assist the<br>reservoir management in providing important information for:<br>♦ a higher resolution structural & stratigraphic imaging;<br>♦ a better well-to-well log correlation;<br>♦ the building and validation of the geological models;<br>♦ the estimation of petrophysical properties and the detection of flow barriers;<br>♦ the identification of “infill” drilling targets (e.g. for planning horizontal wells);<br>♦ the time lapse monitoring and imaging of the fluid flow.


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