An area of about 120 km2 (from the Zvirina-Podgorie Line in North close to the Vashtemi-Shamolli<br>Line, which is the area of the former Maliqi Swamp) was covered by the geophysical methods. Geologically<br>this area consists of the Quaternary overburden formations (Q1-4) and the Upper Neogene, concretely not<br>differentiated Pliocene and Pliocene-Quaternary (N2-Q1) formations.<br>The main objectives of this study have been:<br>1. Investigation of the subsidence phenomenon, which may lead to the gradual formation of the Maliqi<br>Swamp.<br>2. Development of the monitoring network to observe the subsidence phenomenon.<br>3. Locating an eventual second turf layer under the known one and its control with integrated methods.<br>To achieve geological-geophysical (electrical) resulsts for the two first objectives there have been mostly<br>used geodesical methods.


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